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Multilift - a unique vehicle with high capacity hook lift used to implement modular transport bulky cargo and a large mass of waste. For example, Multilift successfully operated for the transportation of the construction of different-sized debris.

Some of these specialized vehicles are Multilift truck-based chassis MAZ, KamAZ, Scania, MAN, Ford, Mercedes carrying capacity from 14 to 26 tons, we are pleased to offer to its customers.

Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing cleaning machinery, including manipulators with hook type grip. Our trucks are distinguished by excellent performance, convenient method of loading and unloading of cargo transported. It makes extensive use of the car in many areas of engineering and construction.

Multilift with a load capacity of 14 tons.14 мульт 2

Multilift with a load capacity of 18 tons.18 мульт 2

Multilift with a load capacity of 20 tons.20 мульт2

Multilift with a load capacity of 26 tons.26 муль2

Multilift on the basis of MAZ, KamAZ, Scania, MAN, Ford, Mercedes widely used when moving hut, loading platforms onboard, hoppers, as well as the transport of the specialized equipment required to implement a variety of production needs, such as the removal of bulky waste from construction sites to the place of their disposal. In addition, Multilift used for transportation of containers with a large-sized cargoes.

We produce and sell Multilift lifting capacity of 14, 18, 20 and 26 tons. As a base we use the car chassis MAZ, KAMAZ Scania, MAN, Ford, Mercedes. Eight- and six-wheeled four-axle chassis of these powerful cars are able to withstand the highest possible design load. With such impressive parameters of our trucks with hooklift their dimensions barely exceeds 9000 mm in length and 2500 in width. This refers to the Multilift lifting capacity of 26 tons. Loaders with a lower carrying capacity does not exceed the length of 8840 mm. High installation cockpit allows the driver to obtain perfect visibility during movement of vehicles along the route, as well as during loading and unloading.

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