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In order to ensure the cleanliness of the streets of settlements, public services use a garbage truck - a vehicle either for collection and transportation of household waste. The company "MOSKOMMASH" has long been engaged in the sale of garbage trucks in Moscow. Currently, urban services are actively bought and used MAZ trucks, Scania, KAMAZ trucks, Ford, MAN, Mercedes bodies with a volume of 6 m3. The use of this type of machinery is expedient in the case of cleaning of small containers, bags and boxes. However, more can be considered cost-effective vehicles having body 14-24 m3. Our company offers to buy the specified special equipment at the best price.

 Garbage trucks with volume of a body 6-8m3


Garbage trucks with volume of a body 14m3


Garbage trucks with volume of a body 16m3

 Garbage trucks with volume of a body 18m3


Garbage trucks with volume of a body 20m3


Garbage trucks with volume of a body 24m3

The main advantages of our garbage trucks

Implemented by "MOSKOMMASH" MAZ and KAMAZ, designed for rear loading garbage, have a number of advantages:

  • guaranteed security in the sector of collecting and handling of domestic waste;
  • special equipment reliability;
  • a high degree of waste compaction;
  • the possibility of both manual and mechanized loading in the body;
  • good technical characteristics;
  • the existence of a pressing mechanism of automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes;
  • safe paint that protects against corrosion;
  • quality hydraulics, due to which it becomes possible to secure and long-term operation of the arrangements.

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