Garbage truck KM 7028-27 (КМ-М5551)

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Type of the base chassis MAZ-5550В2
Engine YAMZ-5363.10 (240 л.с.
Body capacity, m3 14 (12+2)
Mass loaded SHW, kg 7 000
Pressing coefficient 6

This garbage truck can be produced by the following chassis:

Analogs КМ 7028-27 (КМ-М5551):
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Description Garbage truck КМ 7028-27 (КМ-М5551):

First of all - garbage - it is a business tool. He has to solve the problems put before it "perfectly well" and garbage KM 7028-27 (KM-M5551) to cope with it. As part of its design takes into account the specifics of this trend, and as a result get a universal product that is able to serve and tied on a chain EUROBAK as well as stationary, while not losing the main benefits of the rear loading garbage trucks.

The main advantages:

The main distinguishing feature and competitive advantage of the described technique is to dimensions that correspond to the class "of medium", but increased load capacity, as close as possible to that of heavy-duty vehicle. For this is "due to" high-quality hydraulics and increased korotkoobraznoe Dumper chassis of MAZ-5551B2. At times improved maneuvering characteristics, functionality, service life and ease of maintenance.

Fleets, specializing in the export of solid waste, already estimated in practice all the advantages enjoyed by a garbage truck KM-M5551 with the ability to load up to 7500 kg tverdh waste. Throw compact dimensions and obtain the specialized transport of the future, which can be used today.

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