Garbage truck КМ-М5551-1

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Type of the base chassis MAZ-5550В2/KAMAZ53605
Engine YAMZ 6563.10/Cummins 6ISBe4
Body capacity, m3 12
Mass loaded SHW, kg 7 500
compaction factor 5

This garbage truck can be produced by the following chassis:

Analogs КМ-М5551-1:
КМ 7028-27 (КМ-М5551)
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Description garbage truck KM-M5551-1:

Garbage KM-M5551-1 recognized universal model. It is designed to allow the loading and compacting waste, their transportation to the place of recycling.

The car will perform loading and unloading garbage even in cramped conditions, and it is not unimportant for local authorities. Model KM-M5551-1 different maneuverability, makes loading and unloading of waste containers as the side and rear. The system "Variopress" compacts the waste, posing a high compression ratio. This model can serve containers on wheels, and without them.

All operations can be performed either automatically or manually. From potential damage protects the clutch, by means of which the hydraulic pump is switched smoothly. This fact is important when working at subzero temperatures. Questions nature of price and specifications can be discussed in detail with our managers.

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