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Base chassis KAMAZ-53605
Wheel formula 4х2
Capacity of tanks for clean water, l 6 000
Capacity of tanks for the waste water, l 6 000
Number of washing heads, pieces 5
Used containers m3 0,75-1,1
Water Pressure, bar 120

Water consumption for washing of the 1st container, l


Productivity, containers / hour


Curb weight, kg


Gross vehicle weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm

- length

- width

- height





Description of the car for washing containers TG-100A:

We present our car wash containers TG-100A volume of 0.8 m3 and 1.1 on the chassis of KAMAZ, which is capable of handling 30 containers per hour. Cars for washing containers containment TG-100A are available for operation in the designated organizations engaged in the collection and disposal of solid waste collected in containers, which at the request of sanitary standards required to be cleaned and decontaminated at times. Cars TG-100A equipped base chassis and special equipment to supply container to the washing zone.

Vehicle TG-100A, one based on the chassis of the truck KAMAZ-53605 - universal machine for washing dumpsters.

Performance art - 30 garbage cans per hour. This technique is designed specifically for sanitary cleaning and disinfection of containers, which, according to health standards should be washed regularly.

Technique for cleaning of containers equipped with:

  • two tanks for fresh and waste water of 6000 liters each;
  • tank to wash garbage cans 3000 L;
  • five cleaning heads for the water working pressure of 120 bar;
  • discharge and the drainage pump;
  • manipulator for lifting and lowering the containers at platform.

Technique for cleaning garbage containers also used for cleaning garbage bins of certain size.

Benefits washer TG-100A Washer dumpsters has a number of advantages:

  • rationalization of the workers;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • high performance equipment;
  • maintaining the cleanliness of the streets, courtyards and open areas;

Another advantage of the model is economical and metered water consumption for the processing of container. On the whole procedure is spent 55 liters of water. Cleaning head treated container for garbage, both inside and out in two minutes.

Modern washing machines in the car park of public utilities for the removal and recycling of solid waste - a guarantee of good quality of services provided to citizens. Have time to buy a washing machine for containers for the price in 2013! Place an order on our website, by telephone contact centers or at the offices of regional dealers.

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